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A man in a dark overcoat with his hands in his pockets, wearing a cap. In the background, the sea.

Jack B. Yeats: Painting & Memory

Visit this new landmark exhibition.

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A group of nuns sit on a grassy patch overlooking the coast. Some sit on deckchairs, one with an umbrella over her head to shade her from the sun; others sit on blankets.

Picturing People

New exhibition on view until 5 December.

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Queer Mind, Body and Soul

On view until 17 October.

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A portrait of a woman wearing a highly decorative costume, including a high neck ruff, a dress with embellished shoulders and a jewelled cross around her neck.

Glamour and Governance

On view until 3 October.

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Caricature of George Bernard Shaw

Shaw and the Gallery: A Priceless Education

On view until 26 September.

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