Community engagement

Community engagement


The Community Engagement strand expands our learning programmes beyond the walls of the Gallery and is integral to supporting our mission to provide access to arts and culture to all audiences. Through visual art and collection-focused projects and events we reach into the community and work with groups who might not otherwise access the Gallery’s public programmes. We establish what the needs and wants of diverse groups are, and if and how we can offer a worthy and needed service. This programme operates from a very local to a nationwide basis and in a diverse range of venues, from arts and community centres and local museums to libraries, prisons, hospitals and festivals. The Community Engagement and Access and Additional Needs strands of the Education Programme often exist in tandem and support the overall aim to include, engage and provide for all audiences.

How we do it:

Through adopting a flexible approach, this entirely bespoke programme accommodates the specific needs of each group, be they geographical, age-related, physical, intellectual or social. Our uniquely tailored events are led by our team of arts practitioners, teachers and historians, all of whom have many years of experience working with children and adults with diverse interests and needs. This programme primarily runs over long periods of time, on sustainable projects, pairing the right practitioner with the identified needs of the community group or organisations which leads to long-term partnerships. However, lighter activities such as on- or offsite workshops, conversational tours and tailored talks are also readily available.

Types of Activities:

  • Partnership Projects (long & short term)
  • Workshops: art making, design, art appreciation, storytelling, art therapy
  • Talks
  • Activities tailored to each group's needs ranging from community focus, individual needs and intergenerational projects
  • Bespoke outreach services
  • Accessible events and activities onsite

Find out more:

Contact Brina Casey: Community, Outreach & Health T: 01 6633509 E: [email protected]