1. An expressionistic painting.
  2. ""

    Podcast: Queer Mind, Body and Soul

    Listen to episode 2 featuring artists from the exhibition Queer Mind, Body and Soul.
  3. A still from a documentary film, showing a lake surrounded by mountains

    Podcast: Something From There

    A podcast produced in tandem with our Something From There project and exhibition
  4. A naked man sits on a chair, in front of a window. He is turned to the side, but his face is turned to look directly at the viewer.

    Podcast: Brian O'Doherty's life and work

    A discussion of the artist's life and work, with Dr Brenda Moore-McCann.
  5. A colourful oil on canvas painting

    Podcasts: New Perspectives

    Interviews with contemporary artists in the national collection
  6. Self portrait by George Wallace

    Podcast: Reflecting on George Wallace's Life

    Hear the artist's son share personal memories with curator Anne Hodge.
  7. An abstract composition in tones of grey, white and black.

    Special Project: Music for Mondrian

    A new podcast looking at Piet Mondrian's relationship to music is now available. 
  8. Someone holding a phone in their hands with headphones attached

    Podcasts: Mondrian

    A podcast looking at Piet Mondrian's relationship to music is now available. 
  9. Nighttime photo of the exterior of the Merrion Square entrance to the National Gallery of Ireland with the windows illuminated and an outdoor sculpture silhouetted against the sky.

    Bram Stoker Festival: Warmbloods audio tour

    A darkly comedic audio tour of the Gallery by improv duo Underthings
  10. collage of  photos of four artists

    Artists’ Voices: Life in a Pandemic

    Podcast series of conversations with artists during the first lockdown in 2020.