Art and artists

Mainie Jellett (1897-1944), 'The Virgin of Eire'. © National Gallery of Ireland.

The national art collection

The National Gallery of Ireland, founded in 1854, houses a rich collection of over 16,300 artworks. Spanning the history of western European art, from around 1300 to the present day, the collection includes well-known artists from Mantegna and Titian to Monet and Picasso. Paintings, sculpture, prints, drawings, photography, archival and bibliographical material all feature, in addition to objets d’art, silverware and furniture

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‘one of the great collections of Europe; one of the finest of its size – there is no better collection in the world’...Thomas Bodkin, Director of the National Gallery of Ireland, 1927-1935.

Perugino (c.1450-1523), 'The Lamentation over the Dead Christ', c.1495. © National Gallery of Ireland.