Groups and Tours

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We have lots of options available for group visits and tours at the Gallery. On this page, you will find details of:

  • Self-guided group visits to the permanent collection (free)
  • Self-guided group visits to ticketed exhibitions (admission charge)
  • Private guided tours for groups (admission charge)
  • Guided tours for schools (free)
  • Self-guided visits for schools (free)
  • Free guided tours for the general public

Group visits

A gentle reminder for groups visiting the Gallery: all groups must book a time slot for their visit. We are delighted to welcome groups of all kinds to the Gallery, from language schools to college students, clubs, and cruise passengers! Read on to find out how to book your group visit to the Gallery.

Self-guided groups visiting the permanent collection and free exhibitions

  • Groups can visit the Gallery's permanent collection and free exhibitions for free, but must book a time slot for their visit
  • A group is 10-15 people (max.), plus 1 group leader
  • You can book a maximum of 3 groups per time slot i.e. 48 people divided into three groups of 15, each accompanied by a group leader
  • You must select a check-in point when booking: either the Merrion Square entrance, or the Clare Street entrance
  • When booking, if your preferred time slot is not available at one entrance, there may be availability at the other entrance, so make sure to check both
  • There is no time limit on your visit, but you must arrive at the time you have booked
  • Groups must be supervised at all times
  • Groups and group leaders should read our Gallery Code of Conduct and our Visitor Guide
  • You might like to use one of our online Through a Lens tours during your visit




Self-guided groups visiting ticketed exhibitions

  • Groups must book exhibition tickets to visit the Gallery’s ticketed exhibitions.

Private guided tours of some temporary exhibitions

  • Private tours of some temporary exhibitions are available. 
  • There is a cost for the tour guide in addition to exhibition tickets purchased for the agreed time slot.
  • To book a private guided tour contact [email protected]

Private guided tours of the permanent collection

  • Experience the National Gallery of Ireland's permanent collection and free, temporary exhibitions with a bespoke 50-minute private guided tour.
  • Each private tour caters for up to 15 people, and can be completely tailored to your group's needs and interests.
  • A private tour costs €100 total inclusive of VAT.
  • If you wish to book more than 15 people please select more than one group.
  • Tours must be booked at least two weeks in advance.
  • Private tours are available from September at the following times:
    • Tuesday–Friday at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm
    • Saturday and Sunday at 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm
    • Other times can be requested by contacting [email protected]

Book a private guided tour of the permanent collection 


A Gallery guide speaks to a group of school students in front of a wooden sculpture
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School visits 

Guided tours for schools – permanent collection and free exhibitions

  • We offer free guided tours of the permanent collection and free exhibitions for primary and secondary schools on the island of Ireland.

Self-guided school groups

Schools are also welcome to visit without a Gallery guide, but must book their free visit as a self-guided group. See full details, above, under the heading Group visits.

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Free guided tours

We run a regular programme of free guided tours in the Gallery. Everyone is welcome - no booking required! Check the What's On calendar for upcoming tours.

  • Highlights Tours: Saturdays at 12.30pm and 2.30pm, Sundays at 1.30pm and 2.30pm
  • Themed Tours: Saturdays at 1.30pm
  • Family Tours: Sundays at 12.30pm
  • New Parents' Tours: the 2nd Monday of the month at 2pm
  • Tours for the hard of hearing: the 1st Thursday of every 2nd month at 5.30pm. Upcoming tour: Thursday 6 April.

Group Cloakroom

  • Group lockers are available.
  • The Group Leader or Education Guide should report to the Information Desk to receive an identification badge, complete the details on their Group Registration Form and receive a key to a large storage bin for the group to store their bags.
  • The Group will leave their items in the group storage bins.
  • The Group Leader or Education Guide should retain the key, individual group members cannot return to the bin until the end of their visit.
  • The Group Leader will return the key to the Information Desk at end of their visit.
  • Items may not be deposited overnight, items not retrieved will be recorded as Lost and Found.

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