Yeats Archive

A broadsheet from the archives of the Centre for the Study of Irish Art. © National Gallery of Ireland
© National Gallery of Ireland. Photographer: Jack Caffrey, The Pimlico Project, 2017.

The Yeats archive consists of a prestigious collection of material donated to the Gallery by Anne Yeats in 1996 and several additional collections acquired since.

These collections relate to Jack B. Yeats and members of his extended family. Highlights include the artist's sketchbooks, books from Yeats’s own library, a collection of journals, theatre programmes, original manuscripts, photographs, postcards and letters, as well as general memorabilia such as the artist’s easel and smock. This collection also includes material relating to Yeats's wife Mary Cottenham Yeats, and an extensive collection of old ballads, ballad books and maps.

In addition, the archive holds material pertaining to other members of the Yeats family including W.B. Yeats, John Butler Yeats, his sisters Susan Mary ('Lily') and Elizabeth ('Lolly'), niece Anne Yeats and cousin Ruth Pollexfen. The Cuala and Dun Emer Presses are also well represented.

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