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Downloadable resources

Click on the links below to download PDF resources suitable for primary school students.

Turner: The Sun is God exhibition resource

This resource is designed to support an inquiry-based exploration of our exciting autumn/winter exhibition Turner: The Sun is God.

Inquiry-Based Learning is collaborative, process-based, and creative. It mirrors how artists and other creative professionals develop their practice. This resource provides contextual information about Turner’s life and work, and will focus on key artworks from the exhibition. It is intended to be used before and after your visit or online session.

Learning Through Art

Learning through art is at the heart of the National Gallery of Ireland’s primary school programme. Art helps us to understand the world and can be used in the classroom to engage with themes and subjects across the curriculum. Our series of Learning  Through Art resources are designed as practical toolkits to enable you to use artworks as primary sources and inspiration for  lessons in other core curriculum areas.

There are three resources in this series: History, Primary Language, and SPHE.

Each resource provides you with:

  • A PowerPoint slideshow for you and your class to read through
  • Images of a key artwork from the Gallery’s collection
  • Information about the painting and the artist
  • Looking and responding questions to ask your class
  • Discussion points
  • Curriculum-linked lessons based on the work
  • Worksheets to print out and use along with the lessons
  • A resource list of additional websites that you can use for further research and reading
  • Additional lesson ideas for other subjects

Learning Through Art: History

Learning Through Art: Primary Language

Learning Through Art: SPHE

Irish-language Learning Through Art resources

Art & Mindfulness: Powerscourt Waterfall

Created by teacher and Gallery tour guide Maria Broderick, this resource includes a step-by-step guide to incorporating mindfulness in the primary classroom, alongside an in-depth look at a painting of Powerscourt Waterfall, Co. Wicklow, by George Barret. It is provided as a PDF and an adaptable PowerPoint that you can use in the classroom, and is accompanied by a guided mindfulness video exploring the painting.

Medium, Materiality and Magic: Photography at the Gallery

Learn about the history of photography through Look and Respond questions, a glossary of key terms, research project ideas and creative activities.

What is a Portrait?

Learn about portraiture by examining 11 portraits in the Gallery's collection. Look and Respond questions and creative activities encourage discussion and engagement.

Landscapes in Irish Art

Designed to be used in the classroom, this resource takes key artworks as the starting point for imaginative workshops incorporating Geography, History, Science, Art and English.

Group of school children taking part in an interactive tour of the Sorolla exhibition

Resources cheat sheet

Resources for primary schools

Download this guide for teachers outlining all of our resources, plus some additional notes and activity ideas.

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