Renaissance for Kids: Hidden Clues in Art

A cartoon character called Cozimo wearing a Renaissance-style outfit and holding a magnifying glass to his eye
Leo Crowley

Have you ever wanted to be an art detective? Now's your chance!

In this short video, our friendly guide Cozimo explains how to find and understand hidden clues in Renaissance paintings.

This animation includes paintings that were on display in our exhibition Christ & His Cousin: Renaissance Rediscoveries, which was on view until 8 May 2022. But, you can use Cozimo's advice to look closer and investigate any of the Renaissance paintings in the Gallery. You'll find them upstairs on level 3 in Rooms 27-32. Or, you can look at Renaissance paintings in our online collection.

Watch the video:

What was the Italian Renaissance?

Explore the Italian Renaissance in just five minutes with our friendly guide Cozimo!

As Cozimo wanders around the rooms of the National Gallery of Ireland, he guides you through the sights, sounds, and smells (!) of the Italian Renaissance.

Watch the video:

These videos were designed, animated and directed by Leo Crowley for the National Gallery of Ireland.


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