Daithí sleeps

Double-exposure photograph of a man's sleeping face in silhouette superimposed with a photo of flowers
Dragana Jurišić, Daithí​​​​​​​ sleeps, 2021. © Dragana JurišićCredit

Dragana Jurišić

Daithí sleeps, 2021

Archival pigment print

A portrait of Daithí sleeping in a field in Wicklow, 22 June 2021. 

In early 2021, Dragana moved to rural Wicklow after living in the city for much of her life. This coincided with a departure from predominantly documentary and political topics to a more organic and playful way of working with photography. In many ways, the portraits Dragana created in the last year speak about the oneness of all, of the importance of inhabiting and interacting with plants and trees, of looking at greens and blues in the distance as a way of resetting our nervous system to original parameters, a way of calming down.

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