Shower Painting 2 (Self-portrait)

Textile knitted from acrylic paint with stylised pattern of a person standing beneath a shower head with water droplets falling
Emma Roche, Shower Painting 2 (Self-portrait), 2021. © Emma RocheCredit

Emma Roche

Shower Painting 2 (Self-portrait), 2021

Knitted acrylic paint on wood panel

This work is part of a series of knitted-paint paintings and rugs which are made by forming long lines of paint, extruded through a syringe. Once the paint has dried, the artist uses it as if it is wool or thread. Themes such as labour, waged and unwaged work, everyday events, pregnancy and motherhood are present. These ideas are further highlighted through the paintings’ forms – abstract or figurative or both – and the allegory of its own labour.

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