Teachers' Information Pack – Gallery in the Classroom

School kids drawing at a workshop in the Gallery
Photo © National Gallery of Ireland.Credit

Explore treasures of the national collection through engaging online discussions with one of our expert guides. Focusing on dialogue, questioning, and creativity, the session will embolden students to look, respond, and form opinions.

Handouts and resources

  • You will be emailed hi-res images of each of the works you will be exploring. We recommend that you print these out and give a copy to each student, so that they can easily view details in the works.
  • Before or after your tour you may wish to explore our rich bank of schools resources for additional information, hi-res images, activity ideas and lesson plans.

Equipment required

  • You will need a laptop, projector, webcam, speakers and microphone (these may be included in the laptop) and a good internet connection.
  • The session will be delivered over the ZOOM platform, and you will be sent a link and further instructions ahead of the session.
  • Please ensure that you have tested all equipment in advance, and are set up and ready to go 10 minutes before the session starts.

Artworks covered

You can choose from the following themes:

Collection Highlights


Irish Art

European Art