Cubist style painting of a figure wearing yellow raincoat holding a baby on a bright backgroundright
Shane Blount, Lately I've Been Seeing Rainbows, 2022

Shane Blount

Lately I've Been Seeing Rainbows, 2022

Oil on canvas | Unframed 155 x 140 cm ; Framed 163 x 148 cm 

'At its core, this is a painting about protecting innocence, but in truth, I don’t make paintings about just one thing. When working I allowed the painting to remain in flux throughout, open to  the possibility that something may occur at any moment that would redefine the image. What I hope to end up with is a painting loaded with implications that can act as a springboard for the viewer’s imagination. The title Lately I’ve Been Seeing Rainbows is a reference to children’s drawings. I love how a child’s creativity is so unimpeded by self-consciousness. It’s a part of  myself that I try to tap into as often as possible.'


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