Photograph of a female figure with red hair wearing a teal striped swimsuit and hat sitting in a pink chair holding a toy rabbit
Enda Burke, Deirdre by the Window, 2021

Enda Burke

Deirdre by the Window, 2021

Photograph | Unframed 83.3 x 116.8 cm; Framed 104.14 x 134.62 cm 

'Deirdre and I are childhood friends. We go sea swimming together weekly. I wanted to incorporate her love of swimming into the picture and have her holding a rabbit to symbolize our childhood friendship and her love of animals. The photo was taken in my parents’ house, which is on the same estate on which Deirdre grew up. I had been photographing her in a set I built in the kitchen when I noticed how beautiful the winter sun was; how beautifully it illuminated the sitting room.’


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