Photograph of a male figure with dark hair and a dark green jumper leaning against a yellow structure with his back to the beach
David Creedon, Rustam Saidaliev – Sanctuary in a New Land, 2022

David Creedon

Rustam Saidaliev – Sanctuary in a New Land, 2022

Photograph | Unframed: 60.96 x 88.9 cm; Framed: 66 x 94 cm

‘My portraits set out to capture the essence of my subjects and create an emotional resonance with the viewer. I am motivated by my enduring interest in people and the human spirit, how, through experience, ordinary people can have extraordinary lives. I conduct my portraits, in most cases, in the subjects’ homes; it is there they are most comfortable and relaxed. The home speaks so much about a person’s personality that I can connect to the familiarity of their surroundings. I view my portraits as a collaboration between sitter and artist, where one interacts with the other and produces an intimate raw beauty of who the subject really is and how I perceive them.’

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