A woman in a blue top sits at a table with her arms folded and a smile on her face. In front of her, a table is laid for dinner, with a fish, a bowl of soup, and some californian rolls. Behind her, a pink white and black patterned wall.
Zhen Xing (Meath, aged 10), My Beautiful Mum, 2019

Zhen Xing (David) Ke (aged 10)

My Beautiful Mum

Marker on paper 

Zhen Xing (David - 10, Meath) says: "I originally painted a portrait of my classmate in UCD's art class for this competition, but after returning home, my mother saw that and she was not happy! She asked me why I didn't paint her portrait - is she not important to my heart? Therefore I repainted a portrait of my mother. As long as my mother is happy, I am happy."


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