An oil painting of a woman. She is wearing a blue, yellow, white and pink patterned shirt. The artist has removed her neck, so her head is floating above her torso, outlined in bright pink.
David Booth, Maho, 2020. © David Booth.Credit

David Booth

Maho, 2020

Oil on board, 80 x 60 cm

Maho is a portrait of the artist’s friend Maholin Navarro. Maholin was born in the city of Maracay in Venezuela and has been living in Ireland for the past seven years. Booth recalls that on meeting her, he was “immediately struck by Maholin and her vibrancy.” The portrait was completed over a number of months. In line with his artistic practice, Booth first started by photographing the subject. Then the portrait underwent a process of addition and subtraction in which the subject and her apparel coalesced within a graphic abstraction.


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