A photorealist painting of a woman standing in a mac. Her hair looks wet, and her coat is damp.
Jackie Hudson Lalor, After the Storm, 2020. © Jackie Hudson Lalor.Credit

Jackie Hudson Lalor

After the Storm, 2020

Oil on canvas, 76 x 51 cm

After the Storm is a self-portrait, which represents how a traumatic event in one’s life may have lasting effects and can take a surprisingly long time to 'get over', both physically and psychologically.  The artist suggests that there are some things we may never fully recover from, noting, “the storm may be over, the rain has stopped and the sun is shining, but we are still wet and cold, and something has been lost or changed irreparably.” This idea is represented in the artwork by the absence of the artist’s left hand. The artist is not only interested in a realistic representation of her subject, but in capturing a psychological mood at a particular moment in time.


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