A silver cross

Leo Snygans

"Through the eyes of humans, I am a cross, a symbol of great religious power. This symbol has brought either much pain, or comfort, to many. I am just ordinary metal, but my sentimental value exceeds any gold or diamonds.

I have been with Leo for a long time. A long time ago, I lay in a mouldy drawer of an old cupboard of Leo’s grandpappa in the forest in South Africa. This grandfather was a religious man, from a very strict culture, but he was a good man. This was over 30 years ago. 

Suddenly, I felt a change, from the mouldy drawer, to being in a moving pocket. I felt warm sweat dripping on my smooth surface many times, and changes in temperature, shrinking with cold, expanding with the warmth. Traveling all around the world, I heard many different tongues of cultures I’d never encountered before. 

All along, I knew I had a very important meaning to Leo, and this was because he always kept me in a pocket close to his heart. I began to love the early mornings, when he cleans me and holds me tightly in his hands, sometimes just in ordinary prayer for comfort, while other times I can feel his immense fear and anxiety, the way he squeezes me so tightly, like I am his last and only hope. I am always close to my keeper. I hear his heartbeat like the rhythm of Africa dancing in his soul. 

I am a small silver cross, so tiny, so simple, but so powerful and so precious. I accompany Leo in the search for security and acceptance, reflecting memories of better times among days of hatred and abuse. Hold on to me, my human friend. Together we shall find that place called home for you. 

Love without judgement and know everything will be ok.

From your little cross with love."


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A still from a documentary film showing a figure walking across a beach a sunset.
Leo Snygans.

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