A red leather pouch hanging from a leather string

Abid Nadeem


      1. My creation

I was created on May 17th 2012, at 6:30 am by a religious scholar, who also had to leave his own country in a painful situation, to say goodbye forever to his family, and to the place where he had spent his whole life. 

      2. What I am made of 

What I am: some piece of white paper with some holy verse written on it with a blue fountain pen, covered with a red piece of leather and with a long thread, which makes a link from the neck to the heart of my creator. 

      3. Meaning I have to my holder

Since the date of my creation I have experienced the pain and loneliness of my holder. He has a strong belief in me and thinks that I am a part of his life and soul. This is why he never separates me from his life and his body, except, of course, when he needs to take a shower. I am the only one who can feel his pain. I am very near his heart, every second I can hear and feel his heart beats. 

One time he forgot to take me with him after a shower. I was left on a hanger in the bathroom. All day he was stressed and feeling insecure, so he came home early, and the first thing he did was to find me and kiss me and hug me. It was then that I recognized my importance in his life.

      4. Feelings I have for my holder 

I have great regard and empathy for my holder because I have experienced his stress, anxiety and loneliness several times. He is a man of 43 who has been single all his life. He has no life partner to share in his troubles and joys, and I am worried about his survival. He needs to take care also because I depend on him. If he is not alive, I will also not be alive.

      5. Prayers and wishes

With the help of holy verse, I pray every second for him, and I have been doing this for more than 7 years. I will continue until he has other alternatives, or a partner. He has not slept calmly and peacefully for a long time.  

GOD, please bless him with all he desires, and especially blessed him his sincere, honest and loyal life partner, because sometimes I also become stressed and think to myself, who will give me courage to encourage my holder? This is my true wish for him. He is a very good and simple man with a beautiful heart, and, my GOD, you live in peoples’ hearts and listen to the voices of their hearts, so hear his, too.


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