The Education team


The Education team manage thousands of bespoke events and activities for all audiences from babies to academics, seven days a week, 361 days a year. We programme broadly for early years, children & families, teachers & schools, young people (16+), adults, life-long learners, community groups and groups/individuals with access/additional needs. While each team member has a core group they cater for, we work in a highly collaborative manner, onsite, offsite and online, responding to the permanent collection, temporary exhibitions and unique, one-off opportunities. The Education team are: 

Sinéad Kathy Rice: Head of Education T: 01 6633506 E: [email protected]

Sinéad manages the Education team, all related programmes, and leads departmental research, evaluation and development. She informs content across all audience groups and is responsible for evolving existing programming, introducing tailored programmes for temporary exhibitions, and the strategic development of the department. Sinéad has particular interest in innovative education approaches, audience development, collaborative programming and connecting the Gallery's collection and exhibitions to contemporary arts practices.

Joanne Drum: Adults, Families & Administration T: 01 6633505 E: [email protected]

Joanne manages programming for children and families, many adult and lifelong learning strands, and the administration and running of the department. As part of the children and family strand, she established the Gallery's early years programme, and is involved with offsite community-based projects for this age group.

Brina Casey: Community, Outreach & Health T: 01 6633509 E: [email protected]

Brina manages the community engagement programme, aiming to build positive links with the Gallery’s local and national community. She leads the implementation of tailored projects and resources for access and additional needs groups and individuals, working in partnership with a wide range of organisations in this sector.

Caomhán Mac Con Iomaire: Access & Facilitation T: 01 6633507  E: [email protected]

Caomhán leads the development of new programmes for individuals and groups with accessibility requirements. He also facilitates lecture theatre programmes and events, art courses for adults, Irish-language events, and Sunday drop-in family workshops.

Catherine O’Donnell: Teachers, Schools & Youth T: 01 6633579 E: [email protected]

Catherine manages the programme for teachers, schools and young people, including Transition Year work placements. She is currently developing special projects for these audiences and creating new workshops.

Kate Drinane: Tours Administration T: 01 6633510 E: [email protected]  

Kate manages the Gallery's tour guide panel and significant tours programme, catering for all audiences. She carries out guide training, research and development in this field, and she also programmes several public strands, including pop-up talks and in-conversation tours.

Jessica Supple: Apollo Fellow T: 01 6325563 E: [email protected]

Jessica manages the Apollo Project, engaging young people (aged 16-25) with the Gallery and Russborough House. Launching in January 2019, the project’s vision is to inspire, encourage and support learning through art in a positive and inclusive environment. She promotes long-term and sustainable creative education programmes, linking with Gaisce and other youth foundations and organisations.

Jennie Taylor: Education Administrator T: 01 632 5565 E: [email protected]

Jennie provides core administrative support, research and practical assistance to the Education team. She coordinates selected projects, assists in the facilitation of events and activities, collates data and manages enquiries relating to the Gallery, the collection and education services.

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