Jiayi Sun (aged 10) | Winner 7 - 11

Myself Eating Ice Cream 

Paint on canvas 

Jiayi says: "My name is Jiayi. I’m 10 years old this year. I have been learning how to paint for around six years. Although I’m not as excellent as the renowned artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh, I enjoy the pleasure brought by painting, just like them. It also gives me a way of expressing feelings and thoughts towards this world.

The portrait was created in June this year, but it depicts myself having a rose flavoured ice-cream in Beijing on my vacation last summer. I had a whale of a time with my friends in Nanluo Guxiang, a traditional Chinese alley which is a popular scenic spot nowadays. I missed it so much that I think it would be meaningful to use my own way to record this."


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