Photograph portrait of young girl washing her hands at the kitchen sink

Eloise Cassidy (aged 11)

20 Seconds

Digital photograph on paper 

Eloise says: "My name is Eloise Cassidy. I am very interested in photography. I love the idea of catching a moment or emotion in a photograph. I also love baking, cooking and playing GAA with my team and sisters. I find this pandemic very hard because I can't see my friends or family or even go on a holiday abroad that I have been waiting for all year. Hopefully this all ends soon so everything goes back to normal even if that means going back to school!

My portrait is about Covid-19. Many people have lost their jobs, are sick and in some cases people have passed away. In every crisis, like the Yin & Yang, there is always a bit of love, hope and happiness. For example, I have got to spend a lot of time with my family while we all were working at home. This portrait is of my sister washing her hands while singing ”Happy Birthday” twice so she can stay as healthy as possible during these times. I have decided to look on the bright side of this crisis. My hope and goal is that the people who see this photo will feel the same way."


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