A man stands, with what thick foliage behind him. He wears a long sleeved buttoned shirt, untucked, and black pants. His arms are by his side, and he looks directly at the viewer.
Paul Seawright, Untitled - From Beasts of Burden: Rwanda 2020, 2020. © Paul Seawright. Courtesy Kerlin Gallery, Dublin.Credit

Paul Seawright

Untitled, from “Beasts of Burden: Rwanda”, 2020

Archival pigment print, 120 x 95 cm

During the Rwandan genocide of 1994, an estimated one million people were murdered in just 100 days. Twenty-five years after the genocide, a unique initiative pairs perpetrators with their victims and supports them to raise a cow together in an effort to reconcile.

This image is from a series titled Beasts of Burden, which encompasses portraits of those convicted of the genocide, those who survived the slaughter and the animals they raise together in a powerful act of reconciliation. 


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