A woman stands over a counter, slicing and peeling apples and placing them in a pot in front of her. She has upswept grey hair, and is frowning in concentration.
Caroline Canning, Mary Lennon Slicing Apples, 2020. © Caroline Canning.Credit

Caroline Canning

Mary Lennon Slicing Apples, 2020

Oil on canvas, 60 x 40 cm

Mary Lennon Slicing Apples is the result of a number of pencil drawings that were inspired by a photo of Mary, on her daughter Kate’s phone. It was the atmosphere of comforting domestic warmth and the kindness of Mary’s expression that drew the artist in. Based on the little she knew about Mary, having never met her before, Canning invented a whole persona for her and explains that she imagined them having great chats about apple tarts and many other things. She looks forward to meeting her. 


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