Painting of a figure lying on the floor in a blue dress holding a mobile phone with a cat
Zsolt Basti, Megan and Ophelia, 2021

Zsolt Basti

Megan and Ophelia, 2021

Oil on canvas | Unframed 150 x 100 cm ; Framed 151.5 x 101.5 cm

‘Megan and Ophelia is a painting of my former work colleague Megan and our studio cat in La Cathedral studios. The painting started with the blue dress. Megan was wearing the dress at  work one day and I said I loved the colour. I work at an art shop and went to get a tube of cobalt teal to compare the colours. It was remarkably close to the colour of her dress so I bought the paint and asked Megan if I could paint her in it. Ophelia is named after Storm Ophelia as that’s when the studio got her. However I like the name because of the art historical reference too.’


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