Dad, 5/10/2020

Stylised portrait of an elderly man sitting hunched in a wheelchair with blocks of yellow, pink, green and turquoise in background
Serena Caulfield, Dad, 5/10/2020, 2020. © Serena CaulfieldCredit

Serena Caulfield

Dad, 5/10/2020, 2020

Oil on wood panel

Recalling the context of this portrait, Serena writes ‘Through a Perspex screen, and lacking the simple touch of a hand, he seemed to have shrunk, and I was immediately struck by how big his shoes appeared to be. He was always a big man. His hands and face were painted using my hand, gently caressing the paint to capture his features, and his essence, somehow. After my first visit in 5 months, this painting was a way to spend more time with my Dad - 20 minutes is not enough.’

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