Photo © National Gallery of Ireland
Photo © National Gallery of IrelandCredit

Shades of Grey: Painting without Colour

22 June 29 September 2013
Room 13 | Admission free

Colour, like form and tone has been long regarded as an integral element of Western painting. This display explored the ways in which a number of artists have chosen to make colour absent from their work. It demonstrated how painting ‘without colour’ is a determined artistic choice, one informed by factors such as technical interests, fashions and social climate. The paintings in the exhibition were drawn from the Gallery’s collection and date from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries. They included Mantegna’s grisaille ‘relief’, Judith with the Head of Holofornes, Goya’s El Sueño, Berthe Morisot’s Le Corsage Noir, Feninger’s Umpferstedt III, Dod Procter’s Girl Asleep, Patrick Collins’s Liffey Quaysides and Anne Yeat’s Women and Washing, Sicily.

Curator | Janet McLean, National Gallery of Ireland

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