Phycologia Britannica (1871)

Botanical drawing of sea weed
Courtesy of National Botanic Gardens, GlasnevinCredit

William Henry Harvey (1811-1866)
Phycologia Britannica, or, A History of British Sea-Weeds
(London: 1871, Vol. IV)

Cladophora balliana
Courtesy of National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin

William Henry Harvey was Professor of Botany, Royal Dublin Society, and Chair of Botany, Trinity College Dublin. Anne Elizabeth Ball (1808-72), an algologist and botanical illustrator, assisted him greatly in his work. She collected and recorded many of the seaweeds that he went on to publish in Flora Hibernica (1836) and Phycologia Britannica (1846-51). She found this specimen at Clontarf in 1843. Harvey named it Cladophora balliana in her honour.

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