Visitor Policies

A visitor takes a photo in front of A Convent Garden by William Leech. © National Gallery of Ireland.
© National Gallery of Ireland. Photographer: Jack Caffrey, The Pimlico Project, 2017.Credit

Please read our Visitor Guide to find out more about safety measures and precautions in the Gallery in 2020.

Protection of the artworks: Do not touch any artwork (including sculptures and frames). Please keep a safe distance between you and each work of art to avoid accidental touching or bumping. Please do not lean on walls or display cases (either to write or for physical support). For the protection of the artworks, please leave your bags in the cloakroom.

Cloakroom: Cloakrooms are currently closed. See our Visitor Guide for more details.

Children: Children should be accompanied by an adult at all times in the Gallery. For further information consult our Child Protection Policy.

Sketching: The National Gallery of Ireland’s collection can be a source of inspiration and learning for all. We encourage sketching from the collection in the gallery spaces. Visitors can bring their own materials (dry materials only). If drawings are intended for commercial use, please refer to our Images and Licensing department with regard to works which are in copyright.

Group Visits: Groups attending the Gallery must be limited to six people from no more than three households, as per Government guidelines. Larger groups will not be admitted to the Gallery.

Mobile Phones: Mobile phones may be used in the Gallery to help you enjoy the collection, but we ask you to be respectful of other visitors. 

Cameras: Photography is now permitted in certain areas of the Gallery. Find out more.

Food and Drinks: The Gallery Café is closed (see Visitor Guide for more details). Eating and drinking is not allowed in the gallery spaces.

No Smoking: Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes, is not permitted anywhere in the Gallery.


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