A portrait of a woman with pink hair, dressed in a green sleeveless top which shows a tattoo on her left shoulder and arm. She has jewels under her eyes, and in the blue background there is a rainbow and a constellation of small lights
Callie LePage (Dublin, aged 6), Sarah C. 2019.Credit

Callie LePage (aged 6) | Winner 6 & under

Sarah C

Watercolour, pencil, marker, jewels, glue, electric lights on paper 

Callie (6, Dublin) says: "I'm 6 and a half and I really like to draw, and I'm going to keep practicing as I want to do portraits every year for the competition. I want to be an artist and a Lego designer when I grow up. My portrait is of my teacher Sarah in Citywest Educate Together, and I really like how it turned out. I used two different photos of Sarah to get the ideas from. I used lots of different things to make it, and my favourite bits of the portrait is the lights and the dots of colour in Sarah's hair." 


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