Jodie Lavery (aged 15)


Watercolour and pen on paper 

Jodie says: "My name is Jodie. I have been drawing for about 5 years. I have become really proud of what I draw and I find it extremely fun. Even in GCSE art, I find that drawing can make me relaxed and ready for the rest of my day.

For my piece I wanted to express how many people are feeling through this time of the pandemic, mostly the way that teenagers are feeling. In the piece I have my fingers in my ears trying to block out all the news articles and everything that has been going on during the pandemic. This pose for me, is like a kid trying to block all the coronavirus chaos. The fading of colour from florescent to dark represents all the life draining out of us during lockdown. The background itself is news articles and key words in relation to Covid-19. The background also has a wet on wet of purple. In this portrait, purple represents the power that these words have over people during this hard time."


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