Abbey O’Keeffe (aged 16)


Paint on canvas

Abbey says: "I am very passionate about art, history, fashion and music. I have a great interest in ancient and traditional art movements and also the pop culture of the 1960s and 70s. I love portraiture and mythological based works.

I drew inspiration largely from pre-Raphaelite era paintings which incorporate both themes and also the themes of realism, nature and spiritualism. I wore Celtic and Egyptian themed jewellery for the portrait and dressed in a way that was evocative of the subjects of pre-Raphaelite paintings. I used spatial awareness by framing the face and making empty spaces to draw attention to me as the sitter. I achieved this by painting a row of vibrantly coloured flowers along the bottom of the canvas and using a bright yellow as part of the background to emphasise the rich colours."


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