Photograph of a figure with tattoos sitting cross-legged on a bed holding a cake with various rubbish nearby
Sorcha Frances Ryder, My Bedroom As A Depressed College Graduate (Self-portrait), 2022

Sorcha Frances Ryder

My Bedroom As A Depressed College Graduate (Self-portrait), 2022

Photograph | Unframed: 40 x 50 cm; Framed: 42 x 52 cm 

‘My Bedroom as a Depressed College Graduate is a cathartic expression of my first year out of college, and the departure from my structured youth into the unknown realm of adulthood. This self-portrait is a way for me to play with my own existentialism. The crossroads of adolescence into adulthood is a messy and challenging time, and for the first time there is no clear ‘next step’. The pieces of rubbish on my floor are little pieces of my experiences that are shaping me into who I am becoming.’


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