Victoria Piekarska-Daly (Dublin, b. 2004)

Installation shot of dozens of colourful origami hearts strung on strings and hanging down a white wall
Victoria Piekarska-Daly (Dublin, b. 2004), DNA, 2021. © Victoria Piekarska-DalyCredit



Origami paper, wool, paint marker, glue

This installation represents the idea that being LGBTQIA+ is not a choice: it is who you are. Individual strands of rainbow wool represent the DNA double helix, in which heart-shaped pride flags are suspended, symbolising a living body. Positive and negative phrases associated with the community are written inside each heart. They show that people's words are carried in and affect queer minds, bodies and souls. The work demands that anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetoric be challenged and queer young people be heard and supported, now more than ever.


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