Jacinta Guinan (b.1973), 'Natalia', 2017. © the artist. Photo © National Gallery of Ireland.
Jacinta Guinan (b.1973), 'Natalia', 2017. © the artist. Photo © National Gallery of Ireland.Credit

Jacinta Guinan

Natalia, 2017

Acrylic and oil on canvas, 67 x 53 cm

"As an artist I work hard to develop paintings that speak both to me and to those who view my work. I am in a constant search for the best way to interpret my ideas and am often looking for avenues of the unexpected. During research and production new areas of interest arise and lead to a new body of work. My current series is the culmination of my exploration into portraiture. This current work represents frontal close-ups, predominantly of young women. In this new body of work I am trying to convey a sense of contained solitude. My portraits feature isolated subjects as they face the viewer directly in a somewhat confrontational glance almost as if to pull the viewer into their solitary existence. Each portrait is painted on a monochromatic background. This mystery can convey an incredible sensation of loneliness, vulnerability and fragility. This experience can transform our most powerful sentiments into works of art that I hope will illustrate the subtleties of the sitter’s personality. My works are created using pencil, acrylic and oil paint on canvas. Glazes of colours are then applied."

Jacinta Guinan (b.1973) was born in Athlone. She attended the Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork but is largely self-taught. Her work is held in private and public collections in Ireland and overseas. She has held solo exhibitions at the Toradh Gallery, Co. Meath and the Eden Place Arts Centre in Derry, among other venues. She has also taken part in joint exhibitions at the Oriel Gallery, Dublin and Ballina Arts Centre, Mayo, as well as group exhibitions at the Oriel Gallery; King House, Boyle; Oisín Gallery; Leinster Gallery; Purdy Hicks Gallery, London and many more. Jacinta currently lives and works in Co. Mayo.