Vintage black and white photo of women sewing
Dun Emer Industries embroidery room, Dundrum, Dublin, 1905. Image © National Gallery of IrelandCredit

[In]Visible: Irish Women Artists from the Archives

19 July – 3 March 2019
Room 11 | Free admission

Letters, scrapbooks, photographs, and art materials shed light on the education, career and recognition of artists such as Mary Swanzy, Sarah Purser, Mainie Jellett, Elizabeth Corbet Yeats and Evie Hone. The exhibition showcased archival material related to Irish women artists, drawn from the collection of the ESB Centre for the Study of Irish Art, marking the start of the digitisation project Source—an ambitious three-year project to catalogue the Gallery’s archive and library collections relating to Irish art, and make them accessible online.

Curators | Leah Benson, Emma O’Toole and Tanya Keyes, Library & Archives, National Gallery of Ireland

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