National Portrait Collection

National Portrait Collection


The origins of the National Portrait Collection date back to 1875. Over the years the collection has been developed with additions of paintings, drawings, watercolours and sculpture depicting prominent Irish individuals who have contributed to the civic, social, and cultural life of the nation. Since 1998, generously supported by Irish Life & Permanent, the Collection has been enhanced by a series of commissioned portraits of prominent figures from contemporary Irish life. The annual Portrait Prize, launched in 2014, has further contributed to the growth of this significant collection.

Recent addition to the collection

Photographic diptych portrait of Edna O'Brien by Mandy O'Neill

Portrait of Edna O'Brien, by Mandy O'Neill

A new portrait commission by the winner of the Zurich Portrait Prize 2018.

Read more about Mandy O'Neill's portrait of Edna O'Brien.

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