Administration manages the Gallery's financial operations, buildings, security, human resources, IT and procurement, visitor services and commercial operations.

Gallery Shop 

The Gallery shop is located in the Millennium Wing, directly inside the Clare Street entrance. In addition to stocking third party publications and merchandise, the shop publishes a wide range of material including detailed scholarly works on the collection, exhibition catalogues, brochures as well as an extensive variety of posters and postcards together with producing merchandise based on the collection.  All shop proceeds go towards supporting the work of the Gallery.

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Buildings Office

The Buildings Office is responsible for the safety/security of the Gallery buildings and the collections housed within them. It also is responsible for the Gallery’s facilities management, works programme and supervising compliance with health and safety directives.

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Finance is responsible for correctly processing and recording all financial transactions in the Gallery, preparing and presenting timely financial reports and implementing and maintaining an effective system of internal financial control. It is also responsible for preparing and managing the Gallery’s annual budgeting system. 

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Human Resources

Human Resources promotes and facilitates a productive and supportive working environment for staff which enables them to maximise their contribution towards the achievement of Gallery objectives. HR is responsible for recruitment, training and development, employee relations, remuneration, pensions, terms and conditions of employment and staff welfare.

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IT & Procurement 

The IT Office manages, supports and maintains the Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) and related systems that facilitate the internal operations of the NGI.  This Office also assists in procurement, ensuring compliance with Government & EU guidelines and Directives on Public Procurement.  It advises on tendering processes within the NGI and provides in-house guidance to staff during the tendering process.

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Images & Licensing

The Images & Licensing Office manages the Gallery's commercial Picture Library.  It authorises/facilitates the use of images from the collection, including images of works by artists still in copyright and provides advice on issues relating to copyright.  In relation to the provision of reproductions it operates a scale of fees reflecting the different uses to which images can be put, including commercial, academic, private etc...

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Visitor Experience

Visitor Experience works to ensure that public coming to the Gallery have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience in a welcoming environment. Alongside attendant staff they form the front-of-house team who have the most direct contact with the public. They have a crucial role to play in ensuring that the Gallery building and collections are presentable and accessible to all and that appropriate signposting and information is available. Visitor Experience is responsible for the volunteering programme, including recruitment and training.  

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