Development of the Site

The website is managed by the Digital Media Team.  They work closely with all areas of the Gallery contributing to the development and presentation of information on the site.

The site was launched in November 2010.  Eduserv, a company that specializes in working with public sector organisations to build interactive, accessible and user-friendly websites, was responsible for the development of the site. Tape London Limited, a leading design and technology provider specialising in creative, intuitive, and logical design solutions, carried out the design.

The website is regarded as a key element in the future development of the institution. The site comprises five different systems: a website content management system, three collection management systems and a commercial online system. The development of these systems has facilitated online access to information of the Gallery’s collections.

The site has been designed in accordance with Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) guidelines. 

Future plans include the development of an E-newsletter, the inclusion of podcasts, vodcasts and blogs, online exhibitions and the NGI Virtual Gallery and a You Tube channel.

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