Restoration of three Scagliola table-tops

Restoration of the Scagliola table-tops


The table-tops were made using the ‘scagliola’ technique, a method of production that is characterized by the use of stone as a support. Scagliola is a composite substance made from selenite, glue and natural pigments to imitate marble.

The tabletops were in poor condition with many losses and varying levels of abrasion throughout. Old restoration attempts were visible throughout the scagliola patterns where a black pigmented plaster had been used to fill areas that were originally colored. The old restorations were mechanically removed and fragile areas of scagliola were repaired. Losses throughout the scagliola table-tops were filled with a gypsum plaster mix applied by spatula. When dry the fills were polished to ensure a smooth level surface and retouched using a chromatic selection technique. The scagliola surface was finally polished with paraffin wax to balance the saturation levels of the stone patterns.