A black and white photograph with a low horizon and expansive cloudy sky, with simple whitewashed cottage standing in a field.
Amelia Stein (b.1958), The Big Sky: “ White Stable”, 2012. © Amelia Stein, RHACredit

Special event

Shaping Ireland Panel Discussion with Contemporary Artists

23 May 18.30 - 19.30

Lecture Theatre

Artistic responses to the Irish landscape can take many forms. Artists Caoimhe Kilfeather, Mairead O’hEocha, Niamh O'Malley and Amelia Stein—who work in sculpture, painting, drawing and photography—will be brought together to discuss their relationship with the Irish landscape, and how it informs their art.

The panel will be chaired by Donal Maguire, curator of Shaping Ireland: Landscapes in Irish Art.