figure dressed in an orange hooded dressing gown and black leggings lies on a bed. One hand is to their face, and one holds a checkered piece of material. A third hand is holding a phone, at which they are gazing. At the foot of the bed is a second figure, dressed in black with a striped scar around their neck. Their hand is grasping the ankle of the figure in the bed, with the fingers wrapped all the way around. They are looking down at a phone in their other hand, which slightly illuminates their face
Salvatore of Lucan (b.1994), Lucy with 3 hands and me holding onto her Leg, 2019. © Salvatore of Lucan. Photo © National Gallery of Ireland, Photographer: Roy Hewson.Credit

Pop-up talk

Pop-up talk: Lucy with 3 hands and me holding onto her leg

06 December 13.15 - 13.35

Room 23

Free. No booking required.

Join Dolores Coughlan for a free lunchtime talk looking at Salvatore of Lucan's portrait which was highly commended by the Zurich Portrait Prize judges.

Meet in the Zurich Portrait Prize 2019 exhibition in Room 23.