A group of men, most wearing hats, some with the hands behind their backs, peruse a bookstall in a city.
Nevill Johnson (1911-1999), Men at Bookstall, 1952-53. © RTÉ ArchivesCredit

Special event

Picturing a City: Walking Tour of Dublin

16 October 14.00 - 16.00


Join art historian Dr Kathryn Milligan and photographer Gavin Leane for this walking tour with a difference, combining history and photography.

Beginning at the Gallery’s front lawn participants are invited to take in historic monuments, important architecture, sites of note and culturally significant locations, and find out more about this distinctive city while learning how best to capture it. Participants will be supported using whatever camera they are most comfortable with – digital, manual or even mobile device - but must bring their own. The tour will end at the Merrion Square entrance where participants are invited to visit to the Picturing People exhibition and take inspiration from the stellar photographers who observed society in pursuit of capturing iconic moments and people.

Dr Kathryn Milligan is an art historian and researcher with special interest in representations of Dublin in Irish Art: https://katymilligan.wordpress.com/

Gavin Leane is a Dublin-based artist working in the medium of photography who combines his studio practice with capturing life as it happens. Follow Gavin on instagram @orange_owl.


This event is presented in tandem with our exhibition Picturing People.

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