Black and white photo of a modernist house called Haus Tugendhat in Brno.
Photo © Strandfilm, Pandora Film VerleihCredit


Film \ Mies van der Rohe's Villa in Brno

03 November 12.30 - 14.30

Lecture Theatre

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Mies van der Rohe's Villa in Brno, Haus Tugendhat

Dir: Dieter Reifarth, colour and b/w, 112 min., Germany 2013

Brno, Czech Republic: Slowly, almost reverentially, the camera approaches the simple white facade before gliding through one of the extensive glazed outer walls into the innards of the building. The first minutes of Dieter Reifarth’s documentary Haus Tugendhat are a careful approach to this icon of modern architecture, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

Built in 1930 as a family home for the cosmopolitan Jewish family Tugendhat, the villa was threatened by neglect for decades following their escape from the Nazis. Dieter Reifarth dedicates his film to both the destiny of the family and the destiny of the house. Thanks to numerous interviews and original documents his film is multi-faceted, but still characterized by minimalist aesthetics.


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