Public Engagement

This division is made up of Visitor Experience, Education, Marketing, Communications and Digital Engagement 

Education | The core remit of the Education team is to provide a year-round public programme of participation, engagement and learning events over three key strands: the National Gallery and the National Collection, Temporary Exhibitions, Unique Learning Projects and Independent Arts Education Activities. The aim is to stimulate debate and dialogue about art processes and contexts. The Education Department values the transformative, complex and curious qualities inherent in art education. They believe this learning process can be a rewarding experience with the power to provoke positive change whether through a one-off tour or a lasting scheme.

Communications | The Press & Communications Office is responsible for liaising with news agencies and the media at large. It plays a key role in communicating the mission of the Gallery and, through its contacts with the media, keeping the public informed of events and programmes. The Press Office is also directly involved in the publication of Gallery News, Annual Reports and updating the Gallery’s website in areas relevant to its activities. 

Visitor Experience | Visitor Experience works to ensure that the public visiting the Gallery have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience in a welcoming environment. Alongside attendant staff, they form the front-of-house team and have the most direct contact with the public. They have a crucial role to play in ensuring that the Gallery building and collections are presentable and accessible to all and that appropriate signposting and information is available. Visitor Experience are responsible for the volunteer programme, including recruitment and training.