Financial Reports

The National Gallery of Ireland is committed to making every effort to pay its suppliers promptly. In this regard suppliers can help by ensuring that:

  • correct invoices are sent directly to Accounts Payable ([email protected])
  • invoices quote a valid National Gallery of Ireland Purchase Order Number
  • accurate bank account details are provided
  • Tax Clearance status with the Irish Revenue Commissioners is up to date

Suppliers should also note the following:

  • For all public sector contracts of a value of €10,000 or greater (inclusive of  VAT) within any 12-month period, the contractor will be required to produce a valid tax clearance certificate. This is a mandatory requirement.
  • The Gallery considers an invoice received only when it is received by the Accounts Payable email address and quoting a valid National Gallery of Ireland Purchase Order number.

Prompt Payment Quarterly Returns



Freedom of Information Publication Scheme






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