Community Partner Exhibition: EVE Castleview

Watercolour of woman in a green dress standing with her arms out perpendicular to her body.
© Michelle FarrellCredit

9 May - 23 June 2019
Millennium Wing Studio

A special display of artwork created by individuals as part of a community partnership between the Gallery's Education Department and EVE Castleview HUB

Since 2015, the Gallery’s Education Department has been proud to partner with EVE Castleview HUB, supporting people who experience mental health difficulties. Through working with Gallery artists and facilitators, and engaging with both temporary exhibitions and the permanent collection, the participants whose work was included in this display have experienced the positive, therapeutic impact that art can have on our lives and on our mental health.

This display coincided with the Green Ribbon campaign, an annual initiative that promotes open conversation on the subject of mental health in Ireland during the month of May.