Public Photography Policy

We allow visitors to take still and video photographs for personal, non-commercial use in the public galleries except in special exhibition areas or where specifically prohibited.

The policy is displayed on public signage in the Gallery

The use of flash, tripods, monopods or supplementary video lighting is not permitted in the exhibition areas

The use of selfie sticks is prohibited

Photography of general architectural features of the interior and exterior of the building is allowed.

Photography of works in copyright or on loan is not allowed where the no photography symbol is clearly marked on display labels

Enquiries and requests pertaining to reproduction of National Gallery of Ireland works and/or those in copyright should be made to Images & Licensing

It is possible to purchase high quality digital images of though National Gallery of Ireland Images 

High quality reproductions of works from the Collection in the form of postcards, cards and prints are on sale in the Gallery Shop 

Members of the Media who wish to photograph/film on the premises should contact Press

Commercial photographers and film crews who wish to photograph or film on the premises should contact Images and Licensing 

Students wishing to film on the premises should contact Education 

From time to time, filming or photography is carried out in public areas of the Gallery and footage captured may be used in the promotion of the National Gallery of Ireland. Should you wish to be excluded, please avoid any areas where camera crews/photographers are working.

Permission to photograph or film material in storage is not permitted under the present circumstances

Members of the public who are seriously undermining the enjoyment of others through use of cameras or any form of mobile device will be asked to cease photography by security staff

Should members of the public upload images shot in the National Gallery of Ireland to online media sites, the Gallery is free to use these images on its own websites should it desire to do so.