Programmes for Young People (+16)

The National Gallery of Ireland Programme for Young People seeks to provide opportunities for 16-24 year olds to independently connect with, engage and respond to the National Gallery and its collection. This programme considers what is of interest to young people and offers activities which the audience have identified as being of real importance to them and their peers. We aim to make real connections between historical artworks and traditional methods of making art with new media and contemporary issues through a range of activities and events, all shaped in dialogue with young people. One of our priorities for 2017/2018 is to expand this programme and we are currently working with the National Youth Council of Ireland, along with an ever-growing group of young people, to inform and improve future programming and support independent engagement with art.

How we do it:

We programme diverse activities and events working with relevant organisations and institutions and cultural and artistic practitioners. Saturday is the core day in the Gallery for 16+ programming when we offer workshops, talks, tours and events. These may relate to the collection, a temporary exhibition or a wider art-related topic. We also offer activities offsite through outreach programming delivered by youth art workers and practitioners. Additionally, we aim to connect with young people through ensuring Gallery presence at events such as Zeminar, School Open Days, NYCI programmes and on social media platforms.

Types of Activities:

  • Workshops
  • Bespoke events e.g. Comic and Portfolio day, animation screenings etc.
  • Tours
  • Screenings
  • Special projects (e.g. collaborations with other groups/institutions)
  • Events for youth workers
  • Tailored outreach projects and offsite workshops and activities

Find out more:

Contact Caoilte O Mahony T: 01 6633579 E [email protected]