Past exhibitions

  1. Photo © National Gallery of Ireland

    Uniform: a collaboration with Jackie Nickerson

    10 October 2015– 10 January 2016.
    This display comprised photographs selected from Jackie Nickerson’s series Terrain (2012-13) and paintings from several schools and periods from the National Gallery’s permanent collection.
  2. Photo © National Gallery of Ireland

    Eclectic images: recent acquisitions 2011-2016

    13 August - 7 December 2016.
    This exhibition presented highlights of prints and drawings acquired by the Gallery over the previous five years. A generous donation of over 160 prints received from Brian Lalor in 2014 underlined how the national collection continues to benefit from the generosity of private donors.
  3. Photo © National Gallery of Ireland

    The sketchbooks of Jack B. Yeats, 1897-1955

    2 February - 3 June 2013.
    This exhibition brought together, for the first time, a significant selection of Jack B. Yeats’s personal sketchbooks, which form part of the Anne Yeats Gift (1996).
  4. Photo © National Gallery of Ireland

    Jack of all trades

    28 July-2 December 2012.
    This exhibition featured a selection of illustrations that highlight the tradition of commercial illustration by Irish artists who are best–known for their achievements in painting. This includes Jack B. Yeats, Aloysius O’Kelly and Richard Thomas Moynan
  5. Photo © National Gallery of Ireland

    Pathos of distance

    In early 2015, the National Gallery of Ireland invited Sarah Pierce to engage with the ESB CSIA in the ongoing research project: Visualising the Irish Diaspora. The aim of this collaboration was the creation of a new artwork by Pierce exploring the concept, themes and subject of this art historical project. 
  6. Photo © National Gallery of Ireland

    From the Archives: the story of the National Gallery of Ireland

    On Saturday the 30th of January 1864, the Earl of Carlisle officially opened the National Gallery of Ireland on Merrion Square. This display celebrated the development of the Gallery from 1864 to the present day and focussed on the important contribution of patrons and benefactors to the development of a national collection.
  7. © National Gallery of Ireland

    Beyond Caravaggio

    February - May 2017.
    This exhibition was a unique collaboration between the National Gallery, London, the National Gallery of Ireland, and the National Gallery of Scotland, bringing together over 40 major works which showed the ways in which a large number of artists adopted Caravaggio's ideas and developed them to become masters in their own right.
  8. Photo © National Gallery of Ireland

    James Stephens, the National Gallery of Ireland, and the 1916 Rising.

    February - June 2016.
    An exhibition based around the seminal chronicle of the Easter Rising in which James Stephens, writer and then-registrar at the National Gallery of Ireland, mentions encounters with friends – many of them well-known cultural and political figures.
  9. Photo © National Gallery of Ireland

    Shades of grey: painting without colour

    22 June - 29 September 2013.
    This display explored the ways in which a number of artists have chosen to make colour absent from their work. The works were drawn from the Gallery's own collection.
  10. © National Gallery of Ireland

    New Portraits

    14 December 2012 - 9 February 2013.
    This exhibition brought together a number of portraits which were recently acquired for the collection. It included images of sitters in a variety of media: the publisher to Yeats, Elkin Mathews; architect, Michael Scott; writer and playwright, Samuel Beckett; and poets, Seamus Heaney and Michael Longley.